Koko: A Red Dog Story

Koko: A Red Dog Story


KOKO: A Red Dog Story is the story of the actual dog from 'Red Dog'. Its a heartwarming tale about a regular dog whose innate ability to connect with people saw him becoming local legend, a show dog champion... and finally, a movie star. Koko's rise to superstardom helped other dogs in shelters, and changed the lives of those around him forever.


Koko: A Red Dog Story
  • Cast
  • Jason Isaacs, Felix Williamson, Sarah Woods, Toby Truslove
  • Director
  • Genre
  • Comedy, Documentary, Family
  • Classification
  • G, 100 mins
  • Consumer Advice
  • Very mild themes and coarse language
  • Country of Origin
  • Australia
  • Audio Language
  • English

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