Ailo's Journey


Narrated by Golden Globe winner, Donald Sutherland, this is the incredible story of Ailo, the little reindeer.

This uplifting tale follows the journey of baby Ailo as he navigates his first year of life in the snowy landscapes of a picturesque Lapland. Frail and vulnerable, Ailo must learn to walk, run, leap and hide to ensure he survives the long, treacherous journey with the herd.

Ailo's Journey is an inspirational story, in which a bleak wilderness is warmed by a mother's endless love as she watches over her baby as he embarks on incredible adventures with other creatures of the Arctic.


Ailo's Journey
  • Original Title
  • Aïlo Une odyssée en Laponie
  • Cast
  • Aldebert, Peter Franzén, Prinssi
  • Director
  • Guillaume Maidatchevsky
  • Genre
  • Adventure, Documentary, Family
  • Classification
  • 105 mins
  • Consumer Advice
  • This film is exempt from classification
  • Country of Origin
  • France, Finland
  • Audio Language
  • English (Narrated by Donald Sutherland)
  • Distributor
  • Vendetta

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